When considering new construction or renovation of a technical facility, many people fail to realize that specialized options such as LCS Constructors exist. After a little bit of research, they sometimes choose a general contractor who seems to have adequate experience with laboratory and technical facilities and hope for the best. This doesn’t mean that working with LCS is out of the question, however. We offer a full suite of construction management consulting services that can provide critical guidance during the planning, design, and execution journey.

Conceptual Estimating

After quality, cost is the biggest concern on the minds of lab owners and developers. At LCS, we understand that it’s important to know exact expenses before breaking ground, and to account for as many unexpected variables during planning as possible. As consultants, we can use our extensive database of laboratory projects to help you estimate design and construction costs in the conceptual phase.

Furniture Installation

Most other technical construction companies will provide you with the shell space for your lab, and nothing else. As consultants, LCS can evaluate the furniture and equipment needs of your particular company, and act as interior designers for the space. Using our years of experience with turn-key lab construction, we can design, install, and connect state-of-the-art systems so that your lab is fully operational on opening day.

Relocation & Remodeling

Like all types of construction, laboratories become outdated, sometimes very quickly in today’s age of rapidly advancing scientific technology. Sometimes the lab itself is fine, but the larger facility in which it’s housed needs to be remodeled. In both situations, LCS consulting services provide an agile and experienced solution. Our consulting experts know exactly what it takes to protect existing lab furniture and equipment during a relocation or remodel. Once cleared, we can perform a safe demolition of the old facility and remove resulting debris in such a way that it will interrupt your operations as briefly as possible. We also understand that for some companies, it’s not possible to interrupt operations at all. In this situation, we’re fully equipped to conduct the relocation and remodel around existing equipment in such a way that it remains completely functional.

Equipment Repairs

Many companies are surprised when we tell them that equipment repairs are well within our wheelhouse of expertise at LCS. Whether or not we built your lab, we’re happy to consult on the repair or refurbishment of your lab equipment. For some companies, this can greatly extend the life cycle of high dollar equipment and furniture, allowing you to avoid costly replacements for many years to come. We also provide full service equipment monitoring services. This allows you to get on with the job of research and development, without having to worry that you might be missing routine maintenance on sensitive and expensive equipment.

Are you interested in learning more about how our construction management consulting services can help keep your project under budget and on schedule? Contact LCS Constructors today.