Christie Digital Systems Multiple Lobbies, Server Rooms and Display Halls
Location: Cypress, California
Completed: May 2013
Architect: Nick Adachi Architects

LCS completed two expansion and renovation projects for Christie Digital Systems. The expansion project was for the addition of a new Network Server Room and restrooms. The project included a new mezzanine structure for the 880 square foot second floor addition which will house the server room and 600 square feet on the ground floor for restroom upgrades. The server room includes the installation of proper air conditioning systems and high voltage electrical. The new restrooms will include showers to compliment a recently added fitness center.
There was also a test bed project which included the new design and layout of one room as a test or pilot to set a standard for all future projects to follow. This project included the walls, flooring, ceiling grid and ceiling tiles, light fixtures and light types, HVAC grills, and furniture; each item is being tested in order to achieve the best look and performance for the design and functionality of each room.