LEED Silver BioBank and Translational Research Core Facility
Location: Los Angeles, California
Completed: 2015
Architect: Ewing Cole

This LEED Silver project included an extensive facility renovation and reconfiguration of 7,000 sq/ft of the Steven Spielberg Building (SSB) to create BioBank and Translational Research Core Facility
Logistical challenges included the coordination of ongoing daily deliveries to the hospital while construction activities continued. The Service Alley construction included a new air cooled chilled water system, hot water boiler, chilled beam heat exchanger, a new electrical distribution board, automatic transfer switch and step down transformer and a new stand-by 500kw emergency generator. In addition, extensions in the Service Alley were made to the existing natural gas, industrial water and waste systems.
The first floor included the coordination and installation of twenty-two new, state-of-the-art, stainless steel -20 degree kryo-biological freezers and twenty-six -80 freezers. The first floor also included extensive demolition and construction of Morphology and Molecular Core laboratories.
The rooftop also included major construction including a 30×40 ft. platform to be constructed over second floor heart transplant patients. Significant hospital grade protection and complete isolation was built in order to mitigate any dust or contamination to hospital patients. The platform housed new air handling units, chilled water and expansion pumps and electrical equipment.