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    Your Construction Management Company

    Construction Management Project Services LCS is your one stop shop company for construction management services! They offer new construction, laboratory relocation, lab design, remodeling services, renovation, interior build outs, tenant improvements, portable or temporary lab construction, environmental rooms, and clean rooms. Let the experts at L…Read More

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    Advantages Of Portable Lab Designs

    Construction management companies like LCS Constructors provide great advantages to science by constructing units such as modular laboratories . Having a modular lab constructed in comparison to a regular laboratory can speed up the experimentation process exponentially. Traditional labs can take two to four years to build depending on the complica…Read More

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    The Advancement of Modular Architecture

    What exactly defines modular architecture? Modular architecture refers to any type of system that is composed of separate components that can be connect to into one larger and sectioned off unit. This is a great way to build because each portion is attached to its own system so adding or removing a unit has no effect on any of the other units. This…Read More

  4. LCS offers consulting services to get your project right from the very beginning!

    Our Consulting Services

    Choosing a reliable and reputable construction management company is huge when you are looking for someone to consult with, especially for a large and expensive project. Experience and expertise play a large role in the faith and trust that you are willing to give someone when it comes to something like consulting services. Consulting is where your…Read More

  5. Blast resistant laboratories form LCS Constructors!

    Blast Resistant Labs

    When looking for the best company for construction management, look no further than LCS Constructors. LCS has a very hardworking and experienced team of designers, builders, and managers to get your project done quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on constructing the safest and most efficient modular research laboratories. Blast resistant b…Read More

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    Modular Lab Construction

    Let LCS Constructors design your laboratory. You need a lab that is designed for both success and safety. Design and a number of required components play into constructing the perfect laboratory. At LCS Constructors, we offer a package that we refer to as a design-build. This means that our experienced team not only designs your laboratory, but the…Read More

  7. Congratulations Justin McAndrew

    LCS would like to take the time to congratulate our very own Justin McAndrew. Justin has been selected to participate in the 2016 ABC Southern-California Craft Championship! Craft trainees and apprentices from across Southern California come together each year to compete for top honors in their chosen craft. For the competitors, the ABC So-Cal Craf…Read More

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    Tips For Selecting The Right Construction Management Company

    At LCS Constructors Inc., we know just how it important it is to select the perfect construction management company when it comes to your time, sanity, and budget. It is important to make sure that you have a strong team that is working towards the same ultimate goal. Here is some food for thought when considering your next construction management …Read More

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    Welcome To LCS Constructors

    LSC Constructor, Inc is a well-known construction and design firm that was founded in 1991 in California, and that is where our corporate headquarters still remains twenty-five years later. We also now have office locations in both California and Texas. The founders of LSC are three very experienced professionals who have a lot of construction and …Read More