1. What Does it Mean to Have a Self-Contained Lab System?

    In some cases, a self-contained lab design may be necessary for your company in order to manufacture or test any number of products. There are many, many challenges that come with self-contained lab systems, but LCS Constructors has experience implementing the necessary systems to create a self-contained lab space. A self-contained system is just t…Read More

  2. Explosion-Proof Materials and Design

    Imagine it: You’ve worked really hard to create a new material that is strong and yet, flexible.  Now you get to test this material.  To test this material, you and your coworkers head to the bomb range.   This is often how many materials used in a variety of products from bomb-proof clothing to blast-resistant building materials have to be te…Read More

  3. Touch-Free Faucets and Other Lab Cleanliness Helpers

    Whenever you design a lab, you want to make sure that the space is easy to use and, maybe even more importantly, that the space is easy to keep clean. Whether you need a lab design for industrial testing or you need a lab design that involves a clean room, LCS Constructors are able to provide you with an advanced design to meet all of your unique n…Read More

  4. The Rise of the Mobile Laboratory for Emergencies

    With Hurricane Matthew on the war path on the east coast, it’s worth talking about the types of emergency setups that are completed on a mobile scale in order to be functional anywhere. Hurricane Matthew is expected to cause major damage to Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. It has already battered Haiti and the Bahamas, leavin…Read More

  5. The Rise of Community Mobile Health Laboratories

    Maybe you’ve seen it. The large bus that drives by with the local blood donation center’s logo. Or perhaps you know about the mobile health clinic that frequents your neighborhood once a month. In fact, you’ve even taken your kids there for their annual vaccines for school. Over the last decade, there has been an increase in community mobile …Read More

  6. Designing for Mission Critical Projects

    Here at LCS Constructors, we’ve stated that we, “specialize in mission critical facilities.” We make this statement on both our website and in our blog because we have made it a priority to understand the unique needs of mission critical lab components for our clients. With decades of experience across a variety of lab designs and constructio…Read More

  7. The One OTHER Thing You Should Always Be Thinking About

    Any time that you build a new lab or renovate and update an existing one, there are many different components to be executed to the letter. We previously noted in a blog post that the one thing you should always be thinking about is providing regular maintenance for your lab and its equipment. But when you work with a construction management compan…Read More