Blast Resistant Buildings

Blast resistant laboratories form LCS Constructors!Blast resistant buildings are increasingly becoming the choice for critical laboratory and testing facilities located within the “blast zone” of process plants and other locations which handle hazardous materials. The LCS team has led the lab design-build industry on the engineering and construction of “Blast Resistant Buildings” and recognizes the importance of coordination between all trades, especially plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and lab equipment, including the furniture, necessary in these critical facilities.


  • Working on Occupied Facilities
  • “Hardening” Existing Labs
  • Facility Renovations or Relocation
  • New Construction

blastResistant-3Blast resistant buildings are becoming more common for safety and insurance purposes. LCS understands the specific engineering requirements for walls, doors, windows, the roof, and other penetrations throughout the building to ensure these structures will stand up to a blast of many varieties. This is important as laboratories and technical facilities are frequently in proximity to operation units and must be able to protect occupants in the event of an explosion.

LCS is experienced in applying blast guidelines to the critical exhaust duct penetrations from your facility and protecting the vital support equipment from the forces of a blast. LCS’s innovative approach frequently allows a facility, not only to be blast proof, but function as a “shelter-in-place” (SIP) location. Additionally, LCS understands the application of an overpressure rating system and the techniques for properly “hardening” a facility to appropriate and regulatory standards.

LCS is experienced in working in occupied facilities. We communicate and coordinate with end-users; understand the key functions of your facility; the importance of safety, cleanliness, and continued production with limited or no interruptions; equipment protection; and the significance of your facility’s processes during any technical construction.