1. Lab Accidents That Changed History

    At LCS Constructors, our lab design services provide you with the technical facilities you need to research, create, and innovate. Whatever you do in your lab is important, and even the accidents can offer amazing results. In this blog, we will go over some incidents in labs that may have happened by accident, but changed history. Penicillin One of…Read More

  2. How to Choose Furniture For Your Lab

    While you may have chosen furniture for your living room or bedroom at home, the process for choosing furniture for your laboratory is quite different. While, like the furniture in your home, you want your lab furniture to be comfortable, of a high-quality, and serve their unique purpose, there is far more to consider. In laboratories, lab technici…Read More

  3. What to Know About Laboratory Plumbing Materials

    Plumbing may not be the most glamorous part of your lab, but it is among the most important. Laboratories have special considerations to make in terms of their plumbing, specifically in terms of materials. Your standard plumbing system is not going to be able to safely dispose of waste (meaning anything from moves from the drains into the pipes, wh…Read More

  4. 4 Organization Tips for Moving Your Lab

    There are few events more stressful for a lab than moving. After all, your lab contains years of work, thousands of dollars, and the livelihood of all the lab technicians. If your laboratory move does not go smoothly, it could be disastrous. That is why it is of the utmost importance for you to approach this task in an organized manner. In this blo…Read More

  5. Identifying Risk and Managing it for Your Cleanroom

    It's important to have a good sense of not just what your company's cleanroom suite looks like, but also how it will function for accreditation now and in the long run. Part of this process is being able to identify risk to your cleanroom and manage that risk appropriately in order to maintain the integrity of your lab. So, how do you identify risk…Read More

  6. Important Cleanroom Construction and Clean-Build Techniques

    Building a cleanroom is no easy task. It doesn’t matter if you start with a brand-new construction or if you are creating a modular laboratory cleanroom, there are very specific materials and methods that need to be taken into consideration during the build process. Because a cleanroom or cleanroom suite requires a high level of construction, itâ…Read More

  7. Materials for Your Cleanroom Lab Design

    Tackling any cleanroom lab design and construction can feel like a monumental task. The different components that must come together and the important standards that must be met require a detail-oriented team in order for them to be correctly implemented. Knowing what you have to do to implement a cleanroom to specific certification standards, and …Read More

  8. Modular Clean Room Construction

    If you’re a project manager for a company that is need of a clean room construction, or perhaps you’re simply the individual who makes the financial decisions, but you aren’t quite sure what you need in terms of a clean room lab design, that’s okay. Here at LCS Constructors, we’re experts in designing and building the perfect lab space fo…Read More

  9. More About Explosion-Proof Lab Design

    Previously on the blog, we discussed a variety of innovations in blast-resistant materials and the process of hardening a pre-existing building. But along with considering similar products in your new construction, when you have a pre-existing lab you can utilize hardening techniques. While we touched on what is hardening, we didn’t dive into the…Read More